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Kids swimming at the Turkey Creek Pool
Sign up now for 2019 - Pools open May 1!

Another swim season here and pool membership registration is now underway. We anticipate another banner year for swim team participation with lots of Sharks in the pool this year. The fee for swimming pool access is $100 for Thornwood families as well as any family with kids on the Sharks swim team. This provides pool use from May to the end of September for the entire family at both the Thornbranch and Turkey Creek pools.

We are continuing to offer the "Friends of Thornwood" membership for our friends who live outside of Thornwood. The cost for these memberships is $200. If you know anyone who might be interested, refer them to e-mail our committee at or just send them a link to this page. Revenue collected from this program goes directly to offset pool related expenses.

Your pool key card can also be used to access the clubhouse facilities including our video projector system and brand new ping pong table. You can also reserve either pool for a private party during the pool season! Rental fee is only $100 plus cost of lifeguards for pool parties. Details are available here.

NOTE: Thornbranch pool is unavailable during swim team practice from 4:50-7:00 PM Monday thru Friday until late June. The Turkey Creek pool can be used instead anytime the Thornbranch pool is not available because swim team practices and events. Home swim team meets will be posted on the Community Calendar.


Sign Up Now!

Sign-up for 2019 pool membership is now open. To get started, choose the membership level that fits your requirements!

Amount Description
Resident or
Swim Team
$0 This is the standard membership for families that either live in Thornwood or have kids participating on the Sharks swim team. You will get key card access to both pools and the clubhouse. This membership covers all members of your family living at one address as well as your guests that come with you to the pool.
$200 This is the "Friends of Thornwood" membership for families that neither live in Thornwood or belong to the swim team. You will get one key card that grants you access to both pools and the clubhouse. This membership covers all members of your family living at one address. Sign up now as only a limited number of "Friends of Thornwood" memberships are available.

You can sign up by mail or in person.

Mail in

To sign up by mail, please print and fill out the Thornwood 2019 Pool Membership Application (PDF) and mail with your payment to:

Thornwood Pools
11152 Westheimer #722
Houston, TX 77042

Make checks payable to "Thornwood Fund, Inc."

If you are a renewing member, your key card from last year will be reactivated. If you were not a pool member last year, we will deliver a new key card to you.

In person

Pool sign up in person will be open according the following schedule:

  • 815 Thornbranch – look for Mike Barone in the yard or driveway
  • 815 Thornbranch – look for Mike Barone in the yard or driveway
  • Thornbranch pool – look for Mike Barone

Bring payment by cash or check. New members will receive their new key card on the spot.

Lost Key Card

If you have lost or misplaced your key card, let us know at We'll deactivate the lost key card and deliver a replacement key card to you. There is a $20 charge for a replacement key card.

Pool Maintenance

The Turkey Creek and Thornbranch pools are professionally operated and maintained by Sweetwater Pools, Inc. Please report any issues to Sweetwater at 281‑988‑8480.

Sharks Swim Team

Registration for 2019 is open through May 20. Register here!

The Sharks are proud to be the oldest community based Swim Team at the Crossroads of the Energy Corridor. Our program focuses on...

This "FLECS attitude" has been the fundamental framework for our team since it's founding in 1977.

Our May-June swim program has offered life long lessons to 1000's of swimmers over the years. The Sharks are a cool skool in our pool!

Ages 4-18, new swimmer or experienced, if this approach appeals to you, consider joining our swim family.

We're confident you'll appreciate our manageable size, our coaching, our camaraderie, and our spirit.

Participate in our legacy... come be a big fish in our little pond and make new "fins" this summer. We'd love to see you swimming with us!

You can do it!
Thornwood Sharks Swim Team,
new Friends - new Skills - more Fun

To learn more, visit

Thornbranch Parking

During pool events, please observe the following parking plan. This plan is in place for traffic safety and to facilitate emergency vehicle passage through the neighborhood.

Park only on the EAST side of all North-South streets and on the SOUTH side of all East-West streets. Park well clear of all intersections, curves, driveways, cul-de-sac, and fire hydrants.

Click on the map to zoom in.

Official Pool Rules

  1. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY – Swim at your own risk
  2. No persons 13 years old or younger are permitted to enter pool with out adult, parent, adult legal guardian, or person designated by the parent or guardian and is not less than 18 years of age. Parent or guardian must be within 20’ of pool’s edge at all times
  3. DIVING is NOT permitted anywhere
  4. Gates must remain closed at all times. Do not prop open gates, or open gate for someone that does not have a key card.
  5. Pool hours of operation are from 6:30 am until dusk.
  6. All residents and/or pool members with a valid key card may have up to 4 guests at one time at the pool premises. No guests are allowed to remain within the pool’s fenced premises without a resident/pool member.
  7. Residents and/or pool members are responsible for any damages resulting from activities or actions of their guest.
  8. All users of the pool are responsible for their own safety in the pool and pool area at all times including during hazardous weather conditions.
  9. Parents are responsible for their children at all times in all pools
  10. Only preschool aged children shall be permitted to use baby pools
  11. Swimsuits are required; e.g., no cut-offs are allowed
  12. No animals are permitted on premises or in pools
  13. Glass containers are not allowed on pool premises
  14. No person with open sores, bandages or communicable diseases may enter any pool
  15. Food or drinks are not allowed while in the pool
  16. Intoxicated individuals are not allowed on premises or in pools
  17. No firearms are permitted on premises at anytime

Clubhouse Rules

New ping pong table for 2017
  1. Be responsible for your kids and guests. Please don't let your kids run wild. The ping pong table is for playing ping pong, not for climbing on, roughhousing, or paddling balls all over the room. There may be potentially dangerous items in the kitchen and closets, so don't let your kids go exploring or dragging stuff out.
  2. For your own safety and that of others, don't come inside from the pool dripping wet. It only takes a little water for the floor to get very slippery.
  3. Help is keep it clean. When you are done using the bathroom or kitchen, wipe the counter, sink, etc. If you make a big mess, there are cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink. Parents, take responsibility for cleaning up after your kids. Please leave the place cleaner than it was when you came in.
  4. Don't use the inside trash cans to throw out food, diapers, liquids, or anything that will rot and smell bad. Use the recycle bins outside for cans, bottles, and other recyclables. If the trash is full, take it out. There are trash bags and liners in the cabinet above the fridge.
  5. Any food or drinks that are left behind are fair game to be consumed by others or thrown out if they get disgusting. Never leave bag(s) of ice in the freezer; if the power goes out, the ice will melt and flood the kitchen.
  6. Please turn off all lights and fans and reset the air conditioning to 84° if you are the last to leave.
  7. To protect unsupervised teenagers, you may not leave behind any alcoholic beverages in the fridge or elsewhere on the premises.
  8. Priority of use. All members are expected to share the clubhouse facility. Exclusive use is limited to the following cases:
    • Clubhouse rental for private parties as spelled out at
    • Community sponsored functions such as board and town hall meetings, organized card games, Cub Scout den meetings, or any other events posted on the community calendar at
  9. Smoking, drug use, under age drinking, and weapons including firearms are strictly prohibited.
  10. No dogs or pets are allowed inside the clubhouse or pool perimeter area.
  11. Never prop open the pool gate or clubhouse door. Report a lost key card to immediately. Your key card is logged when used to enter the facility. As a key card holder, you are responsible for damages or clean up costs resulting from anyone using your access.
  12. Violations may result in revocation of key card access at the sole discretion of the TFI Board or Pool Committee.

Release and Indemnification Agreement

Pool membership is subject to the terms of the Thornwood Pools Release and Indemnification Agreement (PDF).

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